Bamboo Top, long sleeve

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Muksut® Bamboo shirt with long sleeves.

Soft and elastic bamboo clothes are superb choises when deciding the best clothes for children. Our colourful bamboo clothes family is full of colours and different animals - and you may be able to pick up some flowers as well!

Please bear in mind that you child may refuse to wear anything else than bamboo clothes. It tells very well how wonderful material bamboo can be. Just select which clothes you like and choose between different colours! Bamboo is a naturally antibacterial material.

The bamboo we use comes from farms which are concentrated on organic farming. Please be sure that all the fabrics we manufacture are produced within EU area and are free from any harmful chemicals.

Producer Myllymuksut Oy

Sleeve length
70 cm  35 cm  26 cm
80 cm  37 cm  29 cm
90 cm  40 cm  32 cm
100 cm  43 cm  36 cm
110 cm  46 cm  39 cm
120 cm  49 cm  42 cm
130 cm  51 cm  45 cm
140 cm  55 cm  48 cm
150 cm  58 cm  52 cm
160 cm  63 cm  57 cm



  • 82% bamboo viscose , 18% Polyester

Wash at 40-60?C, shape when wet, do not use a tumble dryer, no bleeching