Breast Feeding Pillow Rauha

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Muksut® Breast-feeding-cushion is practical and many-sided cushion to be placed around your waist when breast-feeding your baby. The cushion gives an excellent support and makes it easy to find a comfortable breast-feeding position. When your baby is in the right position the feeding moment is a pleasure for both the mother and the baby. This cushion is also suited for bottle feeding.

The breast-feeding-cushion is helpful also for sleeping problems during the late pregnancy. It supports well when you sleep at your side, helps getting asleep and easies back pain. The entire family can enjoy this cushion, older children love to lay back on it. The stylish looks and quality material allow the cushion to be used in furnishing. The outside material is soft velour fabric which is laminated inside to be moisture resistant.

From the outside all dirt can be easily removed with a moist cloth. The outside material isolates the moisture thus keeping the inside cushion clean. The outer pillow case can be pulled out for washing, the inner pillow is also machine washable.  The filling of the cushion is Finnish made high-quality ball fiber wadding. This fiber wadding is anti allergetic, fire proof and in use very flexible and durable.  

Produced by Myllymuksut Oy

Material outside

  • 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • On the reverse side polyurethan lamination

Inner pillow

  • 100% polyester
  • Fire proof, ignition class 2

Wash at 40-60°C, light tumbling in wash bag allowed. Use only 1/3 of normal detergent amount.