Cloth Diaper Wet bag, mega

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Muksut® diaper bag is functional and effective diaper laundry storage solution!

As a result of accurate design developed diaper bag fulfills all requirements for using cloth diapers: the dirty diaper is easy to drop into the bag, odors stay inside the bag thanks to the Velcro fastening and bag design. Dirty diapers fold easily straight into the washing machine.
The bag is easy to carry by the strap and hang up, for example, on the door frame or bathroom towel rack. The Velcro strap at the opening of the bag is sturdy and the bag remains firmly closed.

To empty the bag turn the upper part of the bag and the Velcro parts inside out, dirty diapers are easy to fold into the washing machine and you can wash the bag at the same time. The Diaper Bag is made of water proof pul fabric keeping thus the moisture reliably inside the bag.
Measurements: height 63 cm, width 54 cm, width at opening 27 cm

Ideal for diapers, this largest size holds up 20 cloth diapers and inserts, i.e. full washing machine.

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  • 100 % polyester, polyurethane laminated

Wash at 60 °C, also allowed occasionally at 90 °C.