Ecological clothes for the whole family made in Finland

Merino wool, bamboo, Tencel jersey, and linen - to name a few. Pretty and so comfy to wear! Combine colors and patterns - now there are plenty of choices! We specialize in ecological, durable, and high-quality materials, as well as beautiful colors and ethical production. With the Slow Fashion idea in mind, we do not bring fast-fashion, seasonal clearances, or extremely low-cost goods to the market, but high-quality clothes for the whole family that are genuine handicrafts made in our own sewing shop in Finland. Get inspired by Scandinavian design!

All our clothes are ÖkoTex 100 certified. Find new materials for you and invest in the wardrobe basics - there is something for everyone in our selection.  We also carry plus sizes - our sizes are generous and comfortable.

The fit and assortment of the garment are close to our hearts so that every garment size dresses you beautifully. We don’t just mass produce cutting patterns with mathematical formulas making the larger sizes out of proportion from what was designed but each size is its own work of art. If you want changes to the existing products or come up with something of your own, get in touch with us- we also do custom work!