Coffee Helps Set

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Coffee Helps paketti pitää sisällään 2 x Mokka kestosuodatinpussin sekä pussin Meksikossa luonnonmukaisesti viljeltyä Speciality Grade luokiteltua kahvia. Maultaan kahvi on pehmeä ja siinä on suklaisia vivahteita.

Mokka reusable coffee filter is made out of unbleached, natural linen and it lasts countless of washes and uses. Naturally antibacterial linen (flax) is an excellent material for the filter and it can be composted or burned upon disposal.

Soak in a hot water, (preferably boil) the filter before the first use. After use empty the filter of the coffee residue and rinse in hot water to get rid of the oils of the coffee beans. Hang to air dry.

You can wash the filter more thoroughly once or twice a week if you use the bag every day. We recommend boiling it at least once in a while. To boil on a stovetop, add 1-2 spoons of baking soda and let it sit for a while. Rinse with cold water and hang to air dry.

The coffee will cause staining on the filter, but it is not harmful. We do not recommend using dish soap or detergent while washing the filter as it might leave some residue on the fabric. If you want to wash the filter in the washing machine, we recommend an extra rinse.


  • 100% linne

Tvätt 60-90°C, ingen torktumling eller klorblekning rekommenderas