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Here you'll find discounted fabrics! These are end of stock or slightly second grade in quality. Some of these products are sold only in fixed measurements.

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Cable knit fabric, cotton
Cable knit fabric, cotton1.79 EUR0.72 EUR
French terry knit, 1 kg
French terry knit, 1 kg26.00 EUR13.00 EUR
French terry knit, brushed 4m
French terry knit, brushed 4m67.60 EUR33.80 EUR
Merino wool Mopsi
Merino wool Mopsi3.69 EUR2.77 EUR
Merino wool Nuolet, brown
Merino wool Nuolet, brown3.69 EUR2.77 EUR
Merino wool Rustiikki
Merino wool Rustiikki3.69 EUR2.95 EUR
Merino wool Siili violetti
Merino wool Siili violetti3.69 EUR2.58 EUR
Merino wool, Kaisla
Merino wool, Kaisla3.69 EUR2.21 EUR
Rib,1.10 EUR0.66 EUR
Surprise pag 10 m
Surprise pag 10 m200.00 EUR80.00 EUR
Laminated micro fibre fabrics
Laminated micro fibre fabrics2.05 EUR1.23 EUR
Pattern tricot pieces, 1 kg
Pattern tricot pieces, 1 kg30.00 EUR22.50 EUR
Tricot Aavikolla
Tricot Aavikolla2.29 EUR1.83 EUR
Tricot Cosmos
Tricot Cosmos2.29 EUR1.37 EUR
Tricot cotton, white
Tricot cotton, white1.60 EUR0.48 EUR
Tricot Ilmassa
Tricot Ilmassa2.29 EUR1.15 EUR
Fleece1.29 EUR0.52 EUR
Softshell, stretch
Softshell, stretch2.29 EUR1.15 EUR
Velcro 10m mix
Velcro 10m mix35.00 EUR14.00 EUR
Babyfleece1.89 EUR0.76 EUR
Elastic ribbon omenanvihreä
Elastic ribbon omenanvihreä0.27 EUR0.11 EUR
Purse frame
Purse frame2.90 EUR1.45 EUR
Displaying 1 to 26 (of 26 products) Result Pages:  1