Finnish Wool Roving, natural colors

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One roving weights appr. 150-160 g. Almost every roving we sell has a twofold yarn but there are also some single yarn rovings. Contact us separately in case you absolutely want to get either single or twofold yarn. 

Single yarn roving is a slightly bigger than twofold yarn roving. When knitting a single yarn you can pick up both ends and knit them together to get a twofold yarn.

You need appr. 100 g spun to knit pants for a baby.

Finnish spun is a non-twist foreyarn which still has all natural lamb yolk. Natural coloured spuns are out of lambs with different colouring, these spuns has a lot natural lanoline remains. Spuns do not have moth protection handling and we recommend it to be stored in a plastic bag. 



  • 100% wool