Rib Knit Binding, roll x3

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Pre-cut rib trimming ribbon.

With this ribbon, it is easy to make cuffs and necks, and suitable also for edging towels. For the sewing machine, a hemming machine is recommended. On disc contains about 15-16 meters of pre-cut rib ribbon. Available only in full discs.  COLORS INCLUDED: white, gray, and black.

Ribbon width 32 mm. Ribbon colors are the same as those of the ribbed fabrics for sale.

A tip for sewing with a double-needle without a hemming machine:

Cut a piece of ribbon for the neckline slightly shorter than the neckline. Sew the ribbon in a circle the right sides facing one another. Fasten the circle outside the garment's right sides facing one another. Turn the hem inside the neck and fasten it by stitching with the double needle on the right side of the garment.