Kids Linen Clothing

Our timeless linen pieces all always in fashion. The classic style includes top choices for all boys and girls, both for everyday use and special occasions. Nothing beats the comfort of linen in the summertime!

Linen is easy to take care of and can be washed in high temperatures as well. The stonewashed linen doesn't necessarily need ironing at all! All our linen fabrics are Öko-Tex 100 certified so you can have confidence in these textiles.

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Children's linen collection

High-quality children's linen tops, linen pants and girls' linen dresses. Ecological linen is suitable for everyday life and formal activities. Linen is a sustainable choice.

What is linen?

Flax/linen is a cultivated plant that produces this fiber suitable for fabric. As a fabric, linen is airy and soft on the skin. Linen clothes feel fresh in sun and heat. Clothes made of linen are perfect for summer occasions such as weddings.

Is linen good for the skin?

As a material, linen is skin-friendly. You can wash it at hot temperatures eliminating bacteria and promoting pure and fresh feel.

How long does linen last?

Linen clothes can go from one child to another, and at the end of their long life cycle they can be disposed of, for example, by composting. The environmentally friendly material is completely biodegradable.

How is linen cared for and how is linen washed?

Linen is characterized by a texturized surface and wrinkling. If necessary, linen can be washed at 60-90 degrees, and it can be ironed. Tumble dryers shrink linen, and we don't recommend it, as regular tumble drying reduces the quality of the fabric. However, linen is a very durable and long-lasting fiber.

Where are Myllymuksut children's linen clothes made?

Children's linen clothes are sewn in our own sewing shop in Juupajoki. The linen we use is Öko-tex certified quality 100% linen.

Why buy linen clothes for a child?

Linen has a fresh feel on it, and withstands hard use. It is also elegant, so children's formal outfits get a nice look from linen. Linen clothes are also a classically stylish choice for sibling photos.