Linen Dress Johanna

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In the summer morning stillness, all of a sudden a dewdrop falls off the sleeping hay when a little early bird passes by her hems sweeping through the tall grass. Setting her foot on the cool path and little flowers she feels as happy as the birds singing with her dress flowing in the gentle breeze.

The cotton candy-like, light linen dress Johanna is made in Juupajoki, Finland in our own sewing shop.


 size  length  chest   width
80 cm  48 cm  27,5 cm
90 cm  52 cm  29 cm
100 cm  56,5 cm  31 cm
110 cm  61 cm  32,5 cm
120 cm  67,5 cm  35 cm
130 cm  73,5 cm  37,5 cm
140 cm  79,5cm  40 cm
150 cm  87cm  43 cm
160 cm  93,5cm  45,5cm


  • 100% linen

Wash at 60°C, do not use a tumble dryer, no bleaching.