Linen Joggers Eemeli

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Running up and down the hill with a little puppy, enjoying the sunshine. Fresh from the laundry the summer pants are ready to get dirty again! Just as the puppy never catches the butterfly, the little child never hears the call to come home for the dinner. What mama doesn't know is that there is a stash of grandma's candies in the pockets!

The linen joggers are made in Juupajoki, Finland in our own sewing shop.

Elastic waist is suitable for rubber allergy. Pockets are sewn in the side seam keeping them in place. 


size waist stretched out

hip circumference 

waist-ankle length

100 cm 67 cm  70 cm 59,5 cm
110 cm 70 cm  73,5 cm 65,5 cm
120 cm 73,5 cm  76,5 cm 71,5 cm
130 cm 77,5 cm  81 cm 78 cm
140 cm 81,5 cm  85 cm 84,5 cm


  • 100% linen

Wash at 60°C, do not use a tumble dryer, no bleaching.