Maternity clothing and nursing wear essentials for before and af

Maternity wear with great styles to go all the way trough your pregnancy. For brestfeeding mothers we also offer a great selection of nursing tops, nursing dresses, and nursing pads to help you make breastfeeding easier and faster. Our maternity clothing and nursing clothing are of the best, ecological materials and ethically made in our own sewing shop in Finland.

Maternity wear

Myllymuksut Maternity fashion includes comfortable and well-fitting clothing for pregnant mothers. Maternity tops look and feel amazing with the growing belly, while maternity pants stay up and cover the belly without rolling or other discomfort. Myllymuksut maternity clothes are sewn from natural fibers, such as stretchy and silky Tencel Lyocell jersey and warming merino wool. Trust us and our years of experience in maternity clothing.

Nursing wear

Breastfeeding made easy with nursing wear! Nursing clothes are designed for effortless breastfeeding in public or at home. Long-sleeved nursing tops, nursing t-shirts, nursing dresses, and nursing nightgowns enable breastfeeding in places where you don't want to take your shirt off. Thanks to the convenient discreet horizontal opening, forget about stretching your necklines, lifting hems, and searching for public restrooms. 

Nursing pads

Absolute hack for a breastfeeding mother! Nursing pads protect nursing bras (or regular bras) from milk leaks. Milk supply is individual, but we recommend several pairs of nursing pads for a day, especially when your milk flow is high. In this case, we also recommend using our Mega nursing pads, which, in addition to the larger size, have an extra layer of absorbent material inside. Both the regular nursing pads and the mega pads have a choice of soft bamboo stretch terry or a dry liner layer against the skin. These nursing pads have also been awarded the Allergy Label® of the Finnish Allergy, Skin, and Asthma Association.

Merino wool nursing pads are a wonderful choice especially for cold seasons, because they protect sensitive breasts from mastitis. The three-layered wool pads are a natural moisture barrier and do not contain any plastic or synthetic fibers.

Bola chimes

The Mexican Bola or pregnancy chime is a beautiful, handmade necklace for pregnant women. Inside the bola, a tiny sort of xylophone is welded, on which a little ball 'dances' around, resulting in a lovely sound. The baby can hear and recognize sounds in the womb from approximately 20 weeks on, and the familiar sound of the bola chime will comfort the baby before and after birth.