Lunette Menstrual Cup

The Lunette™ menstrual cup is an innovative feminine hygiene product made in Finland. It is an easy-to-use, safe and sanitary alternative to disposable sanitary napkins and tampons. By using the menstrual cup, you protect the environment, save money and can enjoy peace of mind.

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There’ll be no period dramas with our reusable and reliable menstrual cup - the perfect alternative to pads and tampons. 

Scandinavian Design Revolutionary Period Care

Our menstrual cup is here to help you stress less, spend less and waste less. Safe, sustainable and secure, our cups provide period protection you can depend on for up to 12 hours a day. You only need to change your cup 2-4 times, so you can spend less time in the bathroom and more time focused on the important things in life. Like having fun. And smashing the patriarchy.

How to use a menstrual cup?

Swapping to a menstrual cup saves thousands of tonnes of period care waste ending up in landfills and our oceans, and our zero-waste packaging is recyclable too - making it the perfect choice for the everyday activists who want to choose consciously!

We change your period, so you can change the world - deal?

What's in Lunette menstrual cup?

We think you should only put the best in between your legs. That’s why our menstrual cups are all made from a soft and smooth medical-grade silicone that’s nasty chemical and BPA free. Cup won’t absorb your natural fluids, so your vagina will stay happy, healthy and lubricated! 

A positive (re)cycle

Lunette period cups are made in the most environmentally friendly way possible. They’re manufactured with plastic free zero-waste cardboard packaging, which is recyclable too. And because they’re reusable, you eliminate years of waste that would otherwise come with disposable products.

Each cup comes with a pouch made out of recycled polyester. These recyclable materials not only keep previously used plastics out of our oceans and landfills, but eliminate the usage of approximately 1880 kg of virgin plastics annually.