Merino wool Tähti

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Please order in 10 cm increments eg. 6 pcs = 60 cm. The fabric is always delivered in one unit. 

Best quality patterned merino wool interlock Tähti (star). Several beautiful color combinations allow sewing something smooth and warm for everybody! Like shirts, trousers, hats, caps, overalls – this merino fabric suits every purpose. Materials of natural fibers are well suited for sensitive and even atopic skin.

Merino wool is the finest of all wool materials.  It is breathable and feels comfortable.  Therefore it is the most suitable material for babies and kids. It does not sweat or feel itchy – ideal choice for underwear!

Produced for Myllymuksut Oy




  • 100% merino wool
  • Width 150 cm
  • Weight 210g/m²

Wash by hand or at max. 40°C