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Muksut Baby Carrier, Infant Insert for newborn baby

22.90 EUR
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Muksut® Baby Carrier infant insert for the newborn baby.  

An additional easy-to-use infant insert allows you to carry your newborn baby safe in the cradle position. The cradle position can be used for the newborn baby as from the first weeks of life. After that period you can start carrying your baby in the upright position without the infant insert.  

The infant insert design is similar to a baby carrying sling. The elastic yet sturdy fabric supports the right and safe position of a newborn baby. The infant insert is easy to use – you have to make only one node!

Produced by Myllymuksut Oy


  • 92% cotton, 8% elastan

Wash at 40°C, tumble drying is not recommended, no bleaching