Myllymuksut offers its clients a wide selection of different materials for various uses. Please check out specific information below of the materials we use and of their origin.


From eucalyptus tree into a t-shirt! Tencel is a great quality lyocell fabric exclusively from the Lenzing company. The cultivation does not require irrigation, chemical fertilizers, or pesticide.  Environmentally sustainable method, closed-loop production, is used to produce Tencel fiber recycling the process water and reuses the solvent at over 99% recovery rate making it one of the most ecological fibers available. All Myllymuksut Tencel fabrics are Öko-Tex 100 certified. Tencel fiber is 100% biodegradable.

Tencel feels silky and luxurious on the skin and is moisture-wicking and releases moisture fast making it easy to dry. Tencel is made of cellulose fiber so it doesn’t contain microplastics.


Our Tencel has been knitted in Finland and Turkey. The yarn is authentic Lenzing Tencel from Austria.

Made of natural materialsClosed-loop production Breathable material

No microplasticsWater preserving growthGrown without chemical fertilizer







Bamboo viscose knit is made of cultivated bamboo. The bamboo can grow up to 100 cm per day and doesn’t require irrigation, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers to grow. The easiness to grow bamboo makes it an excellent environmental choice. All Myllymuksut bamboo fabrics are Öko-Tex 100 certified.

Bamboo feels amazingly soft and smooth on the skin, it is suitable for sensitive skin and it absorbs moisture very well. Bamboo is made of cellulose fiber so it is free of any microplastics.

Bamboo is knitted in Finland.

Made of natural materialsBreathableNo microplasticsWater preserving growthGrown without chemical fertilizerAbsorbent







Merino wool is an excellent natural moisture blocker and has a good capacity for absorbing moisture. It feels warm even when wet, making it one of the most-loved materials for babies and children. Merino wool is suitable for sensitive skin as it feels soft due to its extra-fine, long fibers. The wool repels dirt and will clean itself fast when hanging it on the air. No regular washing is needed unless the wool gets visibly stained.

The non-superwash wool is very tender and needs to be washed by hand in lukewarm water or with an extra-gentle wool wash cycle in a washing machine at 30 C to avoid shrinking. No heat should be used during the drying process, and the wool must be laid flat or hanged properly to dry without any heat source nearby. Remember to shape when wet.

When storing merino wool for longer periods please take into consideration that the wool moth loves the merino wool fiber and will have an access to eat holes on the fabric if left unsealed. A re-sealable plastic bag is a great option for storing precious wool during the hot months, for example.

Myllymuksut merino wool is mulesing-free, ÖkoTex 100 certified, and knitted in Finland. The merino yarn comes non-superwashed from Italy and the sheep are in Argentina. Some wool is knitted in Denmark with yarn that has a light superwash treatment. If in doubt of the superwash status, please contact us.

Made of natural fiberBreathable

Mulesing-freeNo microplastics





The cultivation of linen doesn’t require irrigation, and little pesticide or fertilizer is needed. Linen is a sturdy fiber, that effectively absorbs moisture and dries fast. Linen material characteristic is wrinkly and softening over time: the longer you use it, the softer it becomes. Linen is ecological, natural fiber completely free of any microplastics. All linen fabrics are Öko-Tex 100 certified.


Linen fabrics and knits come from Latvia, Portugal, and Turkey.

 Made of natural materialsFewer chemicals during cultivationBreathableWater preserving growthNo microplastics






Hemp is a fast-growing plant, that requires no pesticides, fertilization or irrigation. The cultivation process is much more ecological than the one of cotton, for example.

Hemp is a very absorbent material and it will soften in use just like linen. Hemp is a natural fiber, free of microplastics. All our hemp fabrics are Öko-Tex 100 certified.


Hemp is knitted in Finland.

Made of natural materialsFewer chemicals during cultivationBreathableWater preserving growthNo microplastics







Cotton is a soft fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton plants. It is the most used natural fiber in the world. All our cotton fabrics are Öko-Tex 100 certified.

Cotton is easy to take care of, it is breathable and absorbent. As a natural fiber, it is free of microplastics.


Cotton fabrics are made in Finland and Latvia.

Made of natural materialsBreathableNo microplastics






Myllymuksut PUL-fabrics consist of polyester knit laminated with a polyurethane layer, to create a waterproof surface. All Myllymuksut pul-fabrics are Öko-Tex 100 certified. The lamination is done with certified and proven safe methods using heat and glue for an optimal result. Despite the lamination, the pul-fabric has been designed breathable and the function has been laboratory tested.

Pul-fabric is made to last even in repeated, hot washes and can be sterilized even in boiling water. However, we do not recommend tumble dry.


Polyurethane laminated fabrics are made in Austria, Poland, and Turkey.


Would you like more information about Myllymuksut fabrics or the materials we use? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will love to share more information with you!