Our values

Myllymuksut Ltd is a diversified Finnish company whose portfolio includes clothing and accessories for the whole family, cloth diapers and other green products as well as products for daily use from cleaning cloths to towels. The company celebrated in May 2014 its 10th anniversary and looks forward with confidence to the second decade.

Myllymuksut own trademarks are Muksut® for cloth diapers and children’s fashion, and for moms fashion brand Maijat®. In addition to its own brands Myllymuksut imports selected products for families with children. 

Besides finished products Myllymuksut is a treasure trove for the do-it-yourself people: Myllymuksut specializes in bamboo, hemp, organic materials and soft, non-itchy merino wool fabrics. Shelves of the factory store are filled with fabrics, yarns and sewing supplies in delicious colors – both for the cheerful retro style lovers as for those who like the more subdued style.

Myllymuksut has comfortable facilities in an old renovated barn in a rural environment in Central Finland in Juupajoki and serves its customers through the internet and in the factory shop Muksupuoti. The products are also distributed by several retailers throughout Finland. Myllymuksut clients count in addition to private individuals, companies, schools, kindergartens and hospitals. Our online store serves customers in Finnish, English, German and Swedish. The main market is in Finland and Europe and orders have been delivered even to Australia.




It all started with the diaper

Customer favourite, and our flagship product, is the cloth diaper. It was the very first product of the history of Myllymuksut. The Myllymuksut cloth diaper has been selected twice for the Finnish maternity package that has gained international attention. Since 2006 the Myllymuksut diapers and nursing pads are also available at the Finnish department store chains Prisma and S-Market.

Myllymuksut values are based on safety and responsibility, being a Finnish company, those values are in our DNA. Most of our fabrics are produced in Finland and Europe. All products are sewn in Finland. We pride ourselves with the Finnish Quality Seal, the ‘Key symbol’ which is issued by the Company for Finnish work, for company excellence. Our cloth diapers, nursing pads, panty liners have also received the crest of the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Association. It stands for safety and reliability: the products are suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Myllymuksut bears responsibility for the environment, society and people – children and adults – for a better future. The company uses materials that honor nature. We also give back: through product donations and financial donations to those in need. Past recipients include hospitals and homes for foster children.

Myllymuksut products are a durable and reliable choice for the whole family – without compromising comfort. Myllymuksut brings fresh colours, great patterns and true comfort for everyday life for children and adults alike.