Retail Store

In addition to the online store, we have our very own shop, in a renovated former barn in rural Juupajoki, Finland.

Come visit!  


We are open Monday-Friday from 9 Am until 3 Pm. Call us to schedule a time outside the regular hours.

Myllymuksut Oy
Kopsamontie 190
35540 Juupajoki

Phone +358 45 671 1003



If you turn onto Kopsamontie from the Tampere-Mänttä road, drive uphill and to the first junction with a stop sign. Turn right. After the curve at the old mill, you will see a yellow house on the left. At the milk pier, you are almost there! Muksupuoti is located in the old barn house.

If you drive from Tampere-Jyväskylä road to Juupajoki, stay on Kopsamontie. After passing the yellow wooden church and parish house, next you will find Muksupuoti on the same side.

We will be so happy to see you! 
Johanna & the girls of Myllymuksut