The history of Myllymuksut begins in 2004 by an old mill on a sunny summer day. Kids of the same age from two neighbors are climbing on an ash tree, when Johanna Putkonen with her friend are thinking of starting a Finnish cloth diaper brand.

Looking for more ecological alternatives for disposable diapers, the consumers had already found cloth diapers, but there were no domestic options available. Myllymuksut (= The Kids of The Mill) was born – two women business with a web store.

It was clear from the beginning that the Myllymuksut company’s goal was to produce quality cloth diapers, employ Finnish textile industry professionals and make cloth diapering mainstream. There was just one problem: There were no suitable materials available in the entire country. With persistent material development and testing, often from the scratch, new cloth diaper materials started to form in cooperation with Finnish textile mills. For a reason, Myllymuksut can claim the title of Finnish cloth diapering pioneer.

The business took off fast and two years later Myllymuksut cloth diapers were already found on the shelves of the biggest and most attractive supermarket chain, Prisma, of the country of Finland. The great leap of faith took determination and supportive spouses, who believed in the vision of the two women. In 2006, another well-known Myllymuksut product, the much-loved merino wool knit, was launched.

Today Myllymuksut is owned and operated by the CEO Johanna Putkonen, and the scale of products has increased to clothing, accessories, various fabrics, and zero-waste products for kids and ladies, such as menstrual underwear. The company operates in a 300 m² renovated old barn just a step away from the old mill, where the story began. The core value of the business is also the same: Finnish-made, ecological quality that is safe for your entire family. At the moment Myllymuksut offers work for 6 to 10 employees and a multitude of sub-contractors and associates in Finland.

The owner and CEO Johanna has her children brought up along with the company. Instead of thinking of fast fashion with its seasonal sales and clear-outs, the company has its feet firmly on slow fashion and timeless looks. This thinking is perfectly demonstrated in a picture taken of Johanna's firstborn as a pre-schooler wearing a merino wool hedgehog tunic. The hedgehog is still one of the most loved designs of the company, and the daughter is already in her twenties!