Reliable and comfortable menstruation products for all periods

Our washable, revolutionary period underwear and cloth pads are a comfortable and smart choice for women who care about themselves and the environment! The natural fiber materials of the pads and panties are breathable and safe and can prevent yeast infection among other problems. The surface of the menstrual pads is skin-friendly bamboo or organic cotton, the absorbent part is made of brushed bamboo hemp knit. Inside the waterproof layer is a thin breathable laminate that holds large amounts of moisture.




Menstruation is a part of women's lives until middle age. Menstruation ends with menopause on average around 50-52 years of age. Menopause may show symptoms for years before the period ends. PMS symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, and bloating are common. Mild symptoms occur in almost all women. PMS symptoms can be alleviated in many ways with the help of exercise and a healthy diet. During swelling, you should pick underwear that is as comfortable as possible. If you have irregular periods, in addition to asking for help from a professional, we recommend using period underwear as a foolproof way of catching the first flow, whenever and wherever it comes.

First periods

Girls normally have their first periods at the age of 10–13. The first period is a significant and even confusing experience. Sometimes there is fear and uncertainty involved because periods can start during the school day, at a summer camp, during sports practice, etc. However, there is a way to prepare for your daughter’s first periods. You can pack a sanitary pad or period underwear in her backpack for ”an emergency”.  We recommend our Teen Day period panties to be always kept around when the need comes.

Menstrual protection

What types of menstrual pads are there? Cloth pads are a good alternative to disposable pads for environmental, health, and financial reasons. Natural and sustainable menstrual pads are skin-friendly and suitable for even heavy bleeding. All our cloth pads and period underwear have the Allergy Label® issued by the Finnish Allergy, Skin, and Asthma Federation.

Periods and sports

Exercising during periods relieves swelling, cheers up the mood, and helps with menstrual cramps. Our period products are tested to be reliable in a wide range of sports and activities. Forget the fear of leaks and enjoy your life to the fullest – every day of the month.

Heavy flow

Heavy periods are a common issue that most women experience at some point in their lives. However, you can forget about the blood-stained sheets and rubbing blood off your panties. The menstrual panties and cloth pads have much higher absorbency than the disposable sanitary pads. You should also try the combination of a menstrual cup and menstrual panties for heavy flow. And remember, if your flow is exceptionally heavy, please check with your doctor (and take some iron supplements! 

What is vaginal discharge?

You should not worry about vaginal discharge, as it is normal and its function is to protect and clean the vagina. Generally, it is a light-colored substance that comes from the vagina. There can be a brownish tone to it before and after menstruation. Normally, vaginal discharge is odorless. If you notice an abundant discharge with a yellowish tone, it may be a sign of inflammation, or bacterial vaginosis. In addition to itching, yeast infection usually causes lumpy, heavy discharge. If you suffer from frequent infections, replace disposable panty liners immediately, stop wearing synthetic material underwear, ditch disposable sanitary pads, and consider breathable and washable pads and period panties. Always prioritize natural fibers such as cotton, Tencel / Lyocell, or bamboo in your panties, especially the crotch area, to keep you ventilated and eliminate bacterial growth associated with non-breathable materials such as polyamide and polyester. Natural materials can and should be washed at 60 C killing the bacteria. Synthetic materials, especially those glued from the seams, do not last long in a hot wash.


Urinary incontinence is an unpleasant problem for many, regardless of age or gender. All our washable period products are also suitable for minor urinary incontinence and leaks. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles prevents and often improves urinary incontinence, and the symptoms can also be treated with various treatments. We have also designed the Inko incontinence underwear for men.

Do cloth pads irritate the skin or feel itchy?

No. All Myllymuksut menstrual products have been awarded the Allergy Label® by the Finnish Allergy, Skin, and Asthma Federation, which has not previously been awarded to any similar textile products in Finland. This is proof of reliability granted to products tested to be safe.

The allergy label indicates a product that meets exact product-specific criteria and does not contain perfume or other generally irritating or sensitizing substances. All materials used in our products are also Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

How do I wash cloth pads and menstrual panties?

After use, rinse the product under cool water to remove excess blood. If you don’t have other laundry, you can easily leave the product to dry, and wash later with your regular laundry.

All Myllymuksut underwear, incontinence underwear, cloth pads, and panty liners can and should be washed at 60 degrees.