Reliable and comfortable menstruation products for all periods

Our washable, revolutionary period underwear and cloth pads are a comfortable and smart choice for women who care about themselves and the environment! The natural fiber materials of the pads and panties are breathable and safe and can prevent yeast infection among other problems. The surface of the menstrual pads is skin-friendly bamboo or organic cotton, the absorbent part is made of brushed bamboo hemp knit. Inside the waterproof layer is a thin breathable laminate that holds large amounts of moisture.

In our collection of menstrual underwear, you will find a match for any amount of menstrual bleeding or light incontinence, or bladder leaks. The absorbency of the underwear is even better than the one of disposable sanitary pads. Menstrual panties are an environmentally friendly zero-waste product, and so fast and easy to wear and wash. Just rinse in cold water after use until water runs clear, and wash with other garments when you have the time.

We also provide a selection of the Lunette menstrual cups. Made of skin-friendly silicone in Finland! 

Our menstrual products have been awarded the Allergy Label by the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The allergy symbol has not previously been awarded to any other similar textile products in Finland. The allergy logo is an indication of the reliability of products that have been objectively tested and found to be safe.

The allergy symbol indicates a product that meets the exact product-specific requirements and does not contain fragrances or other commonly irritating or sensitizing substances. All materials used in our products are also Öko-Tex 100 certified and so great for sensitive skin.