Sleep Jumpsuit Peuhu 60-120 cm

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Soft and comfortable nightwear for toddlers who use to kick off the cover at night, or do not like to sleep under the cover. Long turn ups at the pants and sleeve cuffs ensure an extended  period of use. Also serves as easy indoor clothing in the evenings for bigger kids. There is no zipper contact to the skin.

The bamboo fiber is soft like silk being therefore a wonderful choice when selecting a fabric next to skin. Bamboo transfers moisture from the skin letting it evaporate. Independent tests show that the bamboo maintains its naturally antibacterial character during the fabric’s entire life time. It has been realized that the bamboo absorbs even 40% more humidity than cotton.  

The bamboo fiber has a hollow construction. Due to these air pockets the bamboo fabric warms in the cold and cools in the warm weather.Choosing a bamboo fabric is an ecological decision. Bamboo is one of the world’s quickest growing plant. It grows like weed without any fertilizers and its industrial treatment is environmentally healthy.  

The bamboo we use for our fabrics comes from organic farms mainly in China.  The bamboo plant dies after blooming. Cultivated bamboo is not taken from the pandas’ nourishment. ll the fabrics we manufacture are produced within EU area and are free from any harmful chemicals.

Myllymuksut recommends bamboo, hemp and organic fabrics. Based on our experience we appreciate these special fabrics for their skin sensitivity.       

Produced Myllymuksut Oy

Size Length neck-leg
60 cm  40 cm
70 cm  43 cm
80 cm  46 cm
90 cm  49 cm
100 cm  52 cm
110 cm   55,5 cm
120 cm  59,5 cm


  • 53% bamboo viscose , 47% cotton

Wash at 40-60?C, shape when wet, do not use a tumble dryer, no bleeching

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