Kids Sleeping bags

Sleeping bag with sleeves! Now is your chance to get your little one a luxuriously smooth bamboo or merino wool sleeping bag for great naps and good night's sleep.

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Is the sleeping bag safe?

A sleeping bag for babies is a safe and practical alternative to a blanket because it does not cover the baby's face and does not cause a suffocation hazard. Also, the sleeping bag does not roll off like a blanket can, therefore it keeps the baby warm throughout the night. Our sleeping bags are cord-free, and the whole product is designed with safety and comfort as the first priorities. 

Why does a baby need a sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag provides a constant temperature and a comfortable, safe sleeping environment. A baby calms down for as safe and quick nap or night’s sleep inside a cozy sleeping bag. Keeping the temperature constant throughout the night helps your baby to sleep well. Night feeding is fast and easy with the sleeping bag, and the baby is not disturbed by temperature changes when lifted from the bed to the breast. Nighttime breastfeeding is made easier with the nursing nightgowns in our selection, which are designed to be as comfortable as possible, both in terms of material and design. 

What age is the sleeping bag suitable for, and what kind of sleeping bag should I choose?

The lifespan of the sleeping bag depends on the size and development of your baby. In general, the sleeping bag is suitable for newborns to about 18 months of age. The sleeping bags in our selection come in two sizes, 0-6 months, and our larger bag is designed for a baby aged 6-18 months. Our sleeping bags are made from natural materials: merino wool and bamboo. Both knitted fabrics are made in Finland and are tested free of any harmful substances. Natural fibers are particularly suitable for newborns. For a winter baby and a cooler home, we recommend the soft merino wool sleeping bag. The Nyytti sleeping bag, made of soft bamboo knit, is perfect for a summer baby. Both are also suitable for year-round use, depending on your needs. 

Merino wool blanket

The merino wool nap blanket is a multipurpose soft and warm blanket suitable for everyone. The nap blanket is suitable for a baby or an older child as well and can be used as a travel blanket in a car or in a plane as well. Merino wool is breathable yet works as a natural moisture barrier. Merino wool is breathable and warm against the skin even when wet. Enjoy the luxurious comfort of the merino wool blanket during camping or a cabin holiday, as well as winter sledding and outdoor naps.