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Muksut® training pants for toilet training. Suitable for almost potty trained child.

These pants will leave child feeling wet and this usually aids the child to recognise when it's time to go to the toilet. Ideal to be worn during the naps or when the child cannot get to the toilet fast enough, for example when travelling. Change the training pants right after they get wet.

Outer layer is waterproof and breathable pul br -fabric, inner layer is cotton and between is a shaped extra insert.

Produced: Myllymuksut Oy

Material outer layer

  • 100% polyurethane laminated polyester

Materials absorbent layer

  • 48% bamboo viscose, 24% cotton, 18% polyester

Material inner layer

  • 100% cotton, unbleached

Wash at 60°C, using a tumble dryer is not recommended. Use a detergent with less than 5% of soap. Rinsing liquid is not recommended since it deteriorates the absorbency of the diaper. You can, however, use a little vinegar in the last rinsing water. It softens and desinfects the diaper.