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Tricot fabrics

Our quality tricot / jersey fabrics are very comfortable and have an amazing selection of colors and patterns. You can choose the classic stripes or go for the newest, digitally printed patterns. The stretchy fabric is durable and feels great on the skin. 

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Rib1.10 EUR
Rib pieces, 1 kg
Rib pieces, 1 kg26.00 EUR
Tricot plain
Tricot plain1.69 EUR
Bamboo jersey
Bamboo jersey1.98 EUR
Leggins jersey
Leggins jersey1.89 EUR
Tricot Aavikolla
Tricot Aavikolla2.29 EUR
Tricot Autot
Tricot Autot2.29 EUR
Tricot Cosmos
Tricot Cosmos2.29 EUR
Tricot Dinot
Tricot Dinot2.29 EUR
Tricot Heljä
Tricot Heljä2.29 EUR
Tricot Hertta
Tricot Hertta2.29 EUR
Tricot Klaara
Tricot Klaara2.29 EUR
Tricot Lilja
Tricot Lilja2.29 EUR
Tricot Norsu
Tricot Norsu2.29 EUR
Tricot Puimuri
Tricot Puimuri2.29 EUR
Tricot Satukukka
Tricot Satukukka2.29 EUR
Tricot Sulka
Tricot Sulka2.29 EUR
Tricot Taavi
Tricot Taavi2.29 EUR
Tricot Pallo
Tricot Pallo1.89 EUR
Tricot Raita
Tricot Raita1.49 EUR
Tricot Ilmassa
Tricot Ilmassa2.29 EUR0.92 EUR
Displaying 1 to 33 (of 33 products) Result Pages:  1