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Trousers, velour

35.90 EUR
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Fresh colours of these trousers capture younger and older children.

The outer pockets on these relaxed fit pants are a great place for the little ones to collect small treasures from the yard or to carry their most cherished keepsakes with them.

The elastic on the waist is safe for children sensitive to latex. Pant sleeves have a cotton rib.

The material is high quality, soft and durable cotton velour.   

Producer Myllymuksut Oy


Side length waist-ankle
60 cm 46 cm 37 cm
70 cm 48 cm 43 cm
80 cm 49 cm 49 cm
90 cm 51 cm 54 cm
100 cm 53 cm 60 cm
110 cm 54 cm 66 cm
120 cm 56 cm 72 cm
130 cm 59 cm 80 cm
140 cm 61 cm 86 cm
150 cm 63 cm 92 cm


  • 80 % cotton, 20% polyester

Wash at 60 °C, using a tumble dryer is not recommended, shaped when wet