Bed Wetting Mattress Protector Varma

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Myllymuksut Design
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The bedwetting protector is ideal in any situation, like naps, overnight stays, during a vacation, etc., and can be worn with or without a diaper depending on a child. If you have trouble finding a diaper to last through the night you can use the protector to catch any leaks. 

Made out of a soft bamboo inner with a breathable pul top layer that prevents the moisture to get through, this protector is light, easy, and fast to wash and wear. The elastane waistband is suitable for rubber allergies.

Size 1: elastic waistband 40 cm

Size 2: elastic waistband 60 cm

Inner material: 

  • 82% bamboo viscose, 18% polyester

Cover material: 

  • 100% polyester, polyurethane laminated


Wash at 60°C, occasional 90°C wash is possible, we do not recommend tumble dryer. The use of fabric softener reduces the absorbency of the inner material so we do not recommend it.