Scandinavian women's fashion

Lovely and fresh Scandinavian design combined with luxurious materials. Ecological and ethical fashion from the Nordics! Natural, high-quality materials feel and look amazing on. We are Slow Fashion and our clothing will look great year after year! Myllymuksut clothes are made in our own sewing shop in Juupajoki, Finland and all materials are ÖkoTex 100 certified making them safe for your and your family.

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Where can you get ethical women's clothing?

At Myllymuksut, we manufacture all clothing in our own sewing shop in Finland. We use high-quality natural materials and the clothes are designed to be long-lasting and durable. The fabrics used in our production have the OekoTex 100 certificate, guaranteeing their safety. We are a slow-fashion-minded, ethical, and sustainable producer for both retail and wholesale.

Are clothes made of Tencel any good?

Tencel is in the nobility of fabrics. It is not only extremely ecological but also luxuriously soft on the skin. We have chosen the Lenzing company's genuine Tencel-Lyocell fiber for most of the clothes in our production precisely because of its excellence and quality. For those with sewing skills, we also have Tencel tricot and Tencel twill for sale on the fabric side.

How durable are merino wool clothes?

Merino wool is one of the best and most user-friendly materials. Natural merino sheep’s wool is warm, breathable, and smooth. If properly cared for, merino wool clothing will last just like any other clothing. Merino wool does not require much washing but cleans itself in fresh air. Our women's merino wool clothing can be easily found online.

Is merino wool static and how do I remove the static electricity of the garment?

Freezing temperatures cause the air humidity to drop causing static electricity between merino wool and the person who touches it. A good trick is to moisten the garment lightly with a spray bottle or hang the merino wool garment on a hanger in e.g. the bathroom while showering or leave in the steamy shower space after showering. This gimmick also softens possible wrinkles.

Electricity can be released and discharged, if necessary, by brushing the clothes with the metal hook of the hanger before getting dressed. Winter-dry skin needs moisture, so it's good to take care of your own skin moisture in winter and when wearing woolen clothes. Synthetic clothing materials and home textiles, such as bedsheets, increase electricity.

Wear it, air it out, and repeat, because that's what your merino wool clothes like!

Does merino wool pill?

Every soft knitted fabric develops at least a little lint and pills in places of friction. However, high-quality merino wool does not pill significantly, because its fibers are long and do not easily rise to the surface of the knit. A lint comb or a lint cutter helps with when lint removal is needed.

Where can you get ethic linen clothes?

Myllymuksut sewing shop specializes in sewing natural materials such as linen. We offer classic women's linen dresses, linen pants, linen tops, and accessories. Our ladies’ linen clothes are a high-quality and stylish choice for every woman and a sustainable choice for the years to come.