The long-awaited Myllymuksut Black Friday is here!

The highest peak of spending in the year is upon us and we want to offer you nice offers without forgetting responsibility. We have no recurring seasonal sales, no ongoing clearance sales, and no other routine and week-to-week discounts. With the discounted items, we make an exception for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Christmas fair online, and in this case, you can get amazing bargains in our online store.

Instead of fast fashion and junk you don't even need, we offer you high-quality products made in Finland, as well as beautiful, ecological fabrics that will last you a long time and give you pleasure for years. To the delight all our sewing clients, do-it-yourself seamstresses, we have once again collaborated with manufacturers. We have wonderful clearance knits and fabrics, II-quality rolls, and roll-ends / leftovers.

By choosing responsible production in your shopping cart, your money makes a difference. You are helping several ethical companies involved in the production chain in the fight against fast fashion and slave / child labor. 

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TOP 5 tips

If you buy, buy with thought and for need

A high-quality product is always the best and most sustainable choice

Avoid buying unnecessary junk

Ethically and responsibly produced items make amazing gifts for the holidays

Favor small entrepreneurs and businesses