Do-it-yourself sewing kit, diapers

35.90 EUR
Myllymuksut Design:

All you need to make two pocket diapers and two inserts.

Our do-it-yourself package includes cutting patterns, accessories and clear instructions with illustrative pictures to guide you through the process. Accessory kit includes cutting patterns for sizes S, M and L of pocket diapers. The package includes a one-colored and patterned waterproof fabric (PUL), Aplix velcro and elastan band suitable for rubber allergic persons.

Fabric for inserts is bamboo hemp fleece of Myllymuksut. 

The cutting pattern is designed and realized by Myllymuksut. It differs from our Muksut pocket diaper.


NOTE! The diaper pattern, instructions with the idea of this package is for private use only. Any forms of copying other than personal use is strictly prohibited.