Ecological and comfortable period panties for all sorts of leaks

Our period underwear a.k.a menstrual panty is a comfortable, leakproof and ecological alternative for disposable pads and tampons. Our period underwear comes in various flattering styles: Boyshort, Comfy, High Waist, Hipster, and Brazilian. 

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How do period panties work?

Menstrual underwear absorbs at least as effectively as disposable sanitary pads, and is just as comfortable as regular panties, if not more. The panties have built-in protection that prevents leaks and effectively absorbs the menstrual flow. The natural fiber materials keep you feeling fresh and dry all day. Download Myllymuksut menstrual products user guide here.

Is menstrual underwear suitable for heavy flow?

Yes, they are! Two of our panty styles are designed for heavier days and nights. The unnoticeable but well-covering built-in absorbent and leakproof layer rises high from the back and front in this style, leaving behind clean bed sheets and the comfort that comes with the security of effective protection. The soft, natural fiber top layer absorbs any discharge or leaks quickly, feels dry, and allows your skin to breathe preventing odors and yeast.

Do you need other menstrual protection with menstrual panties?

In general, you don't. The underwear is designed to be worn as-is. In our selection, you will find a panty style suitable for every day of your period. We also recommend trying washable cloth pads for building a functional and flexible stash of ecological and long-lasting period products.

Menstrual panties in bigger sizes too!

We offer plus-size period underwear up to 4XL! The immensely pleasant and comfortably stretchy Tencel Lyocell material fits super comfortably for curves in different shapes and sizes. The elastane, rubber-free waistband is soft and comfortable, and there are no rubber bands on the legs as the fabric is sturdy enough to stay in its place without extra elastics. If you prioritize easiness, comfort, and security during your period, choose a high-quality menstrual panty to best serve you.

Are menstrual panties suitable for teenagers?

Yes! On average, menstruation starts around the age of 13 but varies considerably. Some girls can start their periods as early as nine to ten years old. Teen menstrual underwear is designed for the early periods. The period underwear is suitable to use with or without periods, so it is a great choice to be worn when expecting the start of periods or during the irregular cycle. It's easy to talk to your daughter about the start of her period with secure, cute, and discreet of menstrual panties as they look just like normal panties, and are not noticeable in changing rooms or overnight visitations at friends’ houses or youth camps.

How to wash menstrual panties?

After wearing the period underwear for up to 10-12 hours, depending on the amount of your flow and panty capacity, you should rinse the underwear in cool water as long as the water runs clear. Throw in a washing machine when you wash the next load. Our underwear can be washed in hot water / 60 degrees. We have almost 20 years of experience with the materials used in washable and reusable zero-waste products such as menstrual pads and cloth diapers. Usually, none of the materials we use in our production are found directly from the market so we have them manufactured for us according to certificated, natural materials in our specifications and requirements. This allows the end product to be durable in use and in washes.

Yeast infection and menstruation

Yeast infection is a common problem for women and it can also break out during menstruation. Those who suffer from frequent or chronic yeast infections should definitely use underwear made of natural fibers as well as menstrual pads that are as breathable as possible. Non-breathable disposable pads and panty liners in daily use should be replaced with washable material. Skin-friendly and healthy period protection includes, for instance, washable cloth pads, period panties (not ones of synthetic materials!), and menstrual cups. There are also other natural alternatives you may find at your local health store. Organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and other natural fibers we use are amazing for your skin and intimate area. According to research, results show that the absorbent parts of menstrual pads containing hemp keep the bacterial population in the vagina healthy and balanced.

Do period panties smell bad?

They are not supposed to! Our menstrual pants are made of high-quality, natural materials so they do not smell. All Myllymuksut menstrual products have been granted the Allergy certificate of the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Association, which indicates the skin-friendliness and safety of the products. Menstrual panties and cloth pads are made of our own, tested and certified, safe fabrics specially designed for washable and reusable hygiene product use. Unpleasant smells form when the intimate area is covered with non-breathable materials for long, not allowing the skin to breathe and therefore creating an environment suitable for unfriendly bacteria. Pay close attention to the materials used in your underwear!

What are the best menstrual panties?

There are several brands of menstrual panties on the market. When looking for the best brands, pay attention to the following things:

  • Material - prefer natural fibers because they can be washed at a higher temperature and are generally recommended by gynecologists for underwear.
  • Washing instructions - menstrual underwear must withstand use and repeated washings.
  • Manufacturer and country of manufacture -  prefer sustainable and transparent production. This is the only way you can be sure of the safety and ethics of menstrual underwear. Check that the menstrual panties do not contain PFAS chemicals, which have been found to cause e.g. cancer and fertility problems. Buy from a reputable online store, don't buy cheap and non-functioning items mass-manufactured in third-world countries under exploitation of workers and the environment.

We make all Myllymuksut period panties in Finland in our sewing shop.

Myllymuksut period underwear styles

Due to the long absorbent layer, the Boyshort and High Waist models are particularly designed for heavy flow, night use, postpartum bleeding, incontinence, and a medical condition of rectal discharge. The absorbent material is effective yet silent, thin, and invisible from the outside.

The Hipster panty is also suitable for heavy flow, daily use, and sports. The absorbent part is shorter than in the High Waist model, but the absorbency is the same and it holds an entire day.

The Brazilian model is suitable for spotting and has the lightest flow. You can wear it on the easier days. Many women use the Brazilian style as a backup for a menstrual cup. In this model, the absorbent part is shorter, narrower, and thinner than in other styles.

The Boyshort-style is a short-legged short as the name implies, and covers well being comfortable and sturdy in all use. This model gives you full confidence for the night and day. If you have never tried this kind of underwear before, we highly recommend it for a possible life-changing experience.

Our Comfy period panty is as comfortable as it gets - a very high waist to cover the whole belly, no elastic waistband in front to ensure comfort in the stomach region but a nice, body-hugging fit that doesn't fall, twist, or roll. The Comfy style has a more generous absorbent insert than the Hipster panty, but shorter than the Highwaist or Boyshort. It is perfect for the whole day, with any sports or activities you might do.

As the name suggests, Teen period panties are designed for teenagers starting their first periods. The security while not knowing when the period starts is priceless. An excellent choice for school days, sports, and camps. These are not visible outside! We also have a Teen Night version available with a longer absorbent layer.

We chose a nice and luxuriously soft, genuine Lenzing Tencel jersey for the menstrual underwear. The super-ecological genuine Tencel / Lyocell material comes from eucalyptus trees and is probably the most pleasant fabric you've ever tried! Our Tencel is the New Black!