Ecological and comfortable period panties for all sorts of leaks

Our period underwear a.k.a menstrual panty is a comfortable, leakproof and ecological alternative for disposable pads and tampons. Our period underwear comes in various flattering styles: Boyshort, High Waist, Hipster, and Brazilian. 

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The Boyshort and High Waist have a longer absorbent section with a waterproof layer making it suitable for the heavier flow days and nights as well as for postpartum bleeding or incontinence protection. The panty is a great relief for incontinence and bladder leaks as the material is highly absorbent yet unnoticeable.

Hipster is a sporty, everyday panty for heavy to normal flow days. It has a shorter absorbent layer than the High Waist but comes with capacity enough to get you through the entire day. Great for athletics and gym too!

Brazilian style is sizzling and hot! Suitable for the normal to tiny flow days and for extra protection while using a menstrual cup. These models have a shorter and more narrow absorbent layer making them look just like normal underwear! 

Boyshort with actual boxer-short legs is one of the most comfortable underwear you will ever have. If you never tried it before, we truly recommend you to try it out and be as amazed as we are!

Teen period panties are for the younger girls from their first period on. The Teen menstrual underwear is a real period hack for irregular periods, public changing rooms, sports, classes, trips, and much more. Since these period panties eliminate the need for all other menstrual products altogether, you can use them as-is – they look just like any normal underwear outside.

The period underwear is easy to use. Just rinse them with cool water after use and wash with regular laundry. We have chosen the ecological and super smooth Tencel jersey for the fabric to add that final touch of luxurious comfort and long-lasting quality.

Our Tencel is the New Black!