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Myllymuksut product range is growing an we are proud to present Muksut® Baby Carrier. Every detail has been carefully studied and the carrier tested in practice.  The baby carrier has been designed to meet different carrying needs, different sizes of parents and children. Spreadable shoulder straps are a new and innovative solution. The weight of the child is distributed evenly and the physical stress for the carrying person is thus minimized making the carrier use very pleasant. The carrier folds in a small space for storage and transportation and it is easy to carry around.

Muksut® Baby Carrier has several different carrying positions and is suitable for newborn to toddler. In the carrier close to you your baby feels safe and peaceful and your hands are free for other chores. Also moving in different places is easy. The ergonomic design of the carrier the carrying is pleasant and through its versatility it is easy to find the right adjustments just for you.  

Muksut® Baby Carrier is a Finnish product from design to manufacture. The carrier’s special feature are the innovative shoulder straps that you can use in ordinary manner or spread out to distribute the child’s weight evenly. The Muksut® Baby Carrier combines the best features of a baby carrier and baby carrying sling: ease and speed of a carrier and comfort of a carrying sling by the spreadable straps. The straps can be used either straight or crossed.   

Muksut® Baby Carrier can be used in the front, back and hip position. When using the hip position the child can see well ahead.

In the Muksut® Baby Carrier the child’s position is ergonomically correct. When you carry your child upright the correct position is with a rounded back and legs in spread-squat position. The knees are higher than the bottom and the bottom at the same level with your navel. Muksut® Baby Carrier is ergonomic also for the parent. The child’s weight is evenly distributed to your hips and shoulders, and carrying the child does not change your center of gravity allowing to maintain your balance even when walking e.g. in the forest. The baby carrier comes with a detachable head support for the child. The soft support of jersey can be raised to support a sleeping child’s head as well as protect from sun and wind. The head support is available in cheerful prints. No need to hide it! The head support is attached to the baby carrier. If you wish you may also remove it completely.

Produced by Myllymuksut Oy


  • 100% cotton

Wipe light dirt with a damp cloth. Use machine wash only when needed. Washing temperature 40?C. Fasten the buckles to each other before washing. Do not iron the waist belt.